Gray Matters Design and Marketing

Effective creative is the fusion of strategy and results.

You know the market. You know what you want to achieve. How do you get there?

That’s where Gray Matters comes in. GM gets to know your strategy, your products and services and designs creative materials that bridge to results. We don’t claim to be all things for everyone. We just want to do what we do best; providing simple, affordable, creative solutions.

What We Offer

Objectively innovate empowered manufactured products
whereas parallel platforms.

Advertising design doesn’t have to cost a lot to be effective. Our decades of experience enable us to quickly assess your needs from every angle and ensure you get the best possible return for your investment. Eye-catching, affordable design. Persuasive content. We create ad designs that make an impression. Get noticed.

Getting a message in front of an audience is simple; making a continuous connection isn’t. We’ve got the answer: continuous collaterals = continuous connections. Pens. Notepads. Sweatshirts. Drinkware. Bags. Golf balls. Reminders. All bearing your brand and your identity. Continuous, simple and affordable. We’ve got the ideas you need to keep you top of mind.

Your brand is the sum of many parts. Your logo is where it all starts. They work in tandem. We help you define your unique selling proposition and translate it into a key message or slogan that drives brand benefit. Next, we design a unique logo that reflects your organization’s character, attach the slogan and voila; you’re ready to achieve market differentiation. Boost the value of your products and services. Make a statement. The right brand and logo can do that for you.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. That’s why well-designed business cards and brochures are so important. At Gray Matters we understand the nuances of typography, design integrity and the subtleties of visual balance. Whether it’s a brochure, a flat sheet or a business card, at Gray Matters we understand how to make your first impression a great one.

You have a vision for your event and we provide the support to make that vision a reality. We partner with you on end-to-end planning and delivery – from venue selection and logistics to collaterals and delegate development. Flexible enough for small meetings and experienced enough to handle your largest conferences and trade shows. We’ve delivered every-sized functions. Let us show you.

An annual report can be an important extension of your organization’s story; your brand’s story. Whether it’s showcasing your culture or your commitments or making your data easier to understand, great design is the key to a positive impression. Annual reports are about investments in the organization, the community and the people you employ. We think outside the box and brainstorm with you to focus in on the best theme and treatment to achieve the best return on your annual report investment.

The most successful organizations in the world rely on member and market research to help provide them with better insights that lead to better decisions. Research reduces risks, focuses investments and identifies opportunities. We can design and administer surveys that help you understand member and client expectations so you can better serve their needs and develop targeted strategies for tomorrow.